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In 2018 AthElite Sports was born.

Set up by 3 friends Harlie Price, Mat Liddiard and Callum Preece, we wanted to bring an innovative product to the sports market and would often have many a conversation of what that may be or look like - We landed on performance grip socks.

We spent hours researching competitors and fine tuning our product to make it ‘market ready’. In the summer of 2019 we figured that we would need to raise funds to pay for the large order of grip socks and a result of doing so AthElite Comfort Socks were brought to the market. The idea was to have a variety of colours for players to choose from so they could wear them for match days and training.

This was a real hit locally and we ran with it. We tweaked the design and re-invested into another batch of the comfort socks, this showed steady progress and by January 2020 we were able to finally place the very large and risky order for the grip socks. Almost every penny we had was spent on this order so it was a pivotal moment in our short existence.