Cohesive Bandage is a kitbag essential for athletes and pitch-side therapists. It is stretchy, strong and holds-fast.

Cohesive Bandage x 5

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  • SIZE - We offer the 5CM cohesive bandage

    UNILATERAL STRETCH - 180% stretch with consistent elasticity along the length

    HAND TEARABLE - No scissors are required

    SMOOTH UNWIND - All the way down to the core. Meaning no bandage is wasted and application is made easy

    HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? - We would always recommend removal within 24hrs for hygiene and effectiveness. You certainly won't need to worry about reapplying at half-time!

  • WHY USE COHESIVE BANDAGE - An essential in every pitch-side kit bag. It's a flexible multi-purpose bandage that's easy to apply, only sticks to itself (not to the skin), water resistant, hand tearable and lightweight.

    Cohesive bandage is generally used for "quick fixes" i.e.

    • Applying a compression bandage to limit bleeding and swelling within a joint
    • Replace the need for underwrap or adhesive sprays
    • It is becoming a firm favourite to replace PVC Sock Tape 

    OUR COHESIVE BANDAGE - Just play with it! We've designed our bandage to be stretchystrong and hold-fast. You decide on the tension you need and it will hold that for as long as you need it to.