Sock Tape (A.K.A PVC tape) is an extremely versatile tape. It can be used for a number of things from holiding up socks too securing medical dressings

PVC Sock Tape X 6

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  • WHY USE PVC SOCK TAPE - An extremely versatile tape, it can be used for everything from holding up socks to securing Cohesive and EAB applications, especially around the legs, wrist and head

    OUR SOCK TAPE - Is strong and flexible with a limited recoil once applied. It can quickly be manipulated around a sock or ankle, with extra stretch within the tape to allow for muscle expansion when playing sport


    STRETCH - 150% to 175% The stretch in the tape allows for muscle expansion during activity

    SIZE - Our rolls are 20M in length and 1.9CM in width, making them the perfect size to handle

    SMOOTH UNWIND - All the way down to the core. Meaning minimal tape is wasted and application is made easy