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Our new and improved AthElite Grip Socks 4.0 are here. These socks show improvement in several areas compared to previous models. These socks boast improved protection in the toe box area which means that they are designed to be put through the paces! Our grip socks are designed to provide you with the highest level of comfort whilst providing you with that cutting edge. We work closely with our supplier to source the most ethical products to create our best grip socks to date.  


  • 35% Cotton - Made from recycled yarns, this allows the foot to breath.

  • 10% Elastane - Prolongs the life of the socks due to its durable nature. 

  • 5% Lycra - Provides flexibility and allows the socks to adjust to the shape of the wearer's foot/leg.


Our non-slip technology pads are precisely placed in areas in which your socks will make the most contact in your footwear, locking your feet into place during those pivotal moments. 


Rubber Grips - Produced from recycled materials mixed with silicone, perfectly bonded to the sole of the sock. Its rough surface enhances the anti-slip properties of the grip.

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PRO -FORMance 

50% Prolen Siltex - A special yarn treated with a permanent antimicrobial additive based on silver ions. Prolen Siltex is effective against the growth of bacteria and reduces the activity of viruses to help reduce unpleasant smells.